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Penis Stretching: Old and Modern Techniques

Stretching the penis to make it larger is a technique that has been practiced for thousands of years. Which methods were/are used to stretch penis tissue?

Penis weight hangingA bigger malehood has been the endeavor of males of the species since ages. There is something about just those extra few inches, and even centimeters, that can add up to the manliness. It is not that an average looking penis does not achieve its objective, but it's a fact that bigger organ tends to excite and titillate women more, which makes men with even slightly bigger penis sexually more attractive than their smaller counterparts. Therefore, achieving penis length and girth gains through penis stretching has been one of the primal instincts of males.

Old Penis Stretching Techniques

The elasticity of penis makes it ideal for exercising through stretching. While it's true that stretching increases the size of penis, it's also important to exercise the penis in a safe manner, as it is one of the most sensitive male organs. This fact was known to men since ages. They used to employ safe techniques of penis stretching. The following exercises were common to achieve penis enhancement, and the best part is that they are still effective and very much relevant along with the latest penis stretching techniques:

  1. Jelqing: Milking or jelqing is a simple penis stretching exercise, which uses milking motion on the penile shaft. The procedure is not too difficult, especially for those having knowledge of milking a cow. Firstly, encircle the base of the penis using thumb and forefinger. Partial erection can be achieved with a moderately firm grip, which will also ensure that the blood remains sufficiently trapped. Now, slowly move the grip hand along the length of the penile shaft ensuring that the blood reaches every penile part. As the hand reaches the end of the shaft, alternate the same procedure with the other hand. You may also apply a safe lubricant to facilitate smooth hand movements.
  2. Hanging Weights: Men have traditionally hung weights around the penis to enlarge its size. The weights tend to apply tensile force on the penile tissues, leading to their breaking and multiplying, which facilitate increased blood supply to the penis. However, this is a controversial technique and can cause permanent damage to the organ, if employed without expertise.
  3. Ballooning: This is one of the tougher penis stretching techniques. You need to hold on to ejaculation a few times during sexual encounter. Most men will find it tough during the initial trials, but with practice and persistence, holding back erection could be achieved. Once the penis is erect and the ejaculation is withheld, massage the entire penile area (shaft, base, footing, scrotum, pubis and groin). This will enhance the blood flow and stimulate growth of the tissues in corpora cavernosa.

Modern Penis Stretching Techniques

The modern penis stretching techniques, essentially, involve the use of penis extenders, which are traction based devices meant for sustained use. A specially designed device is applied on the penis for most part of the day. This device applies persistent low-level pressure on the penis; thus, preventing it to go back to flaccid state. Basically, it trains the mind to accept the slightly erect state of penis as its normal state. The penile tissues first divide and then multiply to form greater number of cells that can accommodate more blood in the region. The net result of this activity is enlargement of penis by 1-3 inches.