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Foods That Help Make Your Penis Bigger and Healthier

Some healthy foods can have a dramatic effect on your sexual health and penile function. You can improve your penis enlargement gains by eating healthier and exercising regularly.

Oysters for a healthy penisThe food that you eat is an important factor in determining your over-all health and fitness. Including all-natural and healthy food choices in your diet should always be of utmost importance if you want to stay away from any illness and disease. This holds good for the health of your penis too. It may surprise you to know that what you fill on your plates, might as well determine the health and size of your penis.

Fish and Seafood: Food Sources for a Healthy Penis and Enlarged Erections

  • Regular intake of fish and seafood such as oysters are great boosters toward penile health.
  • Since these food sources are rich in omega 3 fatty acids it will allow for better health of the arteries that supply blood to the penis and the rest of the body and thus ensure excellent blood circulation.
  • Salmon, tuna and mackerel should be a regularly integrated component in men's diets as these greatly aid in penile erection and over-all penile health.
  • Oysters contain B6 and Zinc and are extensively known to increase testosterone levels in the body.
  • It is also said to enhance sexual performance. Highly regarded as a potent food source for penile health the regular intake of raw oysters among other seafood will ensure a healthier penis and improved performance.

Nuts, Seeds and Dairy Products: Healthy Food Choices for the Penis

Aside from fish and seafood the regular intake of nuts are also beneficial for optimum penile health. Almonds, walnuts and dates can be healthy substitutes for oysters and seafood if one is not a seafood-lover.

These food sources still give the same health benefits as seafood because it can contribute to penile enlargement and improved blood circulation. Milk and dairy products are healthy options too and men should consider integrating these food sources in their daily diets.

Vegetables and Phytochemicals: For Optimum Penile Health

There is no contest to this, the healthiest choice so far when it comes to penile health is the regular intake of vegetables. Carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and sweet potato are on top of the list. These veggies are said to contain vasodilators which aid in the smooth blood flow and in the easy dilation of blood vessels. Known to contain antioxidants, veggies are generally good for the body. Phytochemicals which is found in onions greatly helps in the easy flow of blood by helping it to become thinner and non-sticky.

Relation between Proper Nutrition for the Heart and Penile Health:

A healthy heart is synonymous to having a healthy penis and this is not an exaggeration. For a penis to function well a man should ensure that he has a healthy heart. A great way to nurture the heart as well as the penis is by eating potassium-rich food such as bananas.

Since the heart is the blood pumping machine of our bodies having a healthy heart will also ensure that the penis is well-cared for. This is because blood circulation to the penis is highly dependent on how well the heart performs its task of pumping blood.

Is Diet Regulation Adequate for Penis Health?

  • Considering the fact, that you are now aware of the healthy and nutritious food choices that are good for health of your penis, does this ensure total penile health for you? The answer would be a definite NO.
  • You ought to look intently at your lifestyle and mode of living; and find time to assess your habits and daily activities.
  • Smoking cigarettes for instance, is a major risk for your overall health, heart health and also affects the health of your penis.
  • The reason is quite clear and obvious. Nicotine in the cigarettes clogs the arteries and hampers the blood flow resulting in numerous issues with your penis, like difficulty or lack of erection, weak erections, premature ejaculation, diminished sense of pleasure during sex and defects in sperm production leading to infertility too.
  • Alcohol should also be avoided or highly minimized if you are serious about maintaining a healthy penis.
  • This is because alcohol greatly disturbs the overall health, reduces sexual performance and affects the heart and increases the blood pressure.